Saturday, April 29, 2017

Smelly Cat

Jet is a rescue cat from the Blue Cross. He's 13 years old, very big and very timid. Consequently he uses a litter tray as he's to nervous to 'go' outside.

He's recently been diagnosed with diabetes. As we work to get his daily double dose of insulin right he still drinks a lot of water which is one of the symptoms. This means when he goes to the loo.... he's a bit 'loose' and very smelly.

Just now, he made the worst ever smell I've ever encountered. I had to pull my tshirt over my nose to clear the litter tray.

As I was going to find the air freshener, the doorbell rang. It was my brand new neighbour popped round to introduce himself.

I was too embarrassed to invite him in... he must have smelled... I only hope he didn't think it was me!

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